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TERA: Rising

October 13th, 2013 TERA: Rising

Now, Tera is truly a beautiful game. Particularly in the visual aspect. The shading and lighting is spectacular and textures are detailed. Character modeling is great and you are often given the impression that you are looking through a dream.  The music isn’t bad either.

The variety of characters and classes is good, and one thing I like is that the servers seem busy; there are always plenty of other players running around.

By far, my favorite class is the Beserker.  The action, animation and overall battle feeling you get with a Beserker is great, down to the last final heave and smash of the axe onto the ground.  You actually feel the weight of it.

Questing is rather basic, which makes trying new classes and races rather tiring after awhile. No matter what class or race you choose, you always run the same initial storyline, exploring the same areas and cities.

But definitely give this one a run-through. You may find yourself sticking with it for awhile…

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